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Here's a few examples of Developer Duck's features:

Generate Code

Translate Code

Xcode Integration

Explain Xcode Selection


Command Line

Quick Ask

Quick Explain

Quick Generate

So what can it do?

Add DocC Comments

  1. Paste your code
  2. Ask for DocC comments
  3. Enjoy rich Xcode symbol lookup

Write Type Extensions

  1. Describe the function you want in plain English
  2. Iterate and ask for adjustments as preferred
  3. One click copy the result

Translate Code Between Languages

  1. Paste in your code
  2. Ask to translate into new language
  3. One click copy the results

Explain Unfamiliar APIs

  • Faster than Stack Overflow
  • Quickly get high-level context about APIs
  • Ask for comparisons between libraries

Graphs and Diagrams

  • Natural language to make flow charts
  • Easily add and change nodes by asking
  • Copy the generated MermaidJS image or code

Markdown support

  • Code blocks with syntax highlighting
  • Markdown in both requests and responses
  • One click to copy the whole reply, or just the code.

💬 Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the FAQ page for answers to common questions.

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From the creator

There are many tasks during my development day that take up significant time, not because they’re complicated, but because they’re tedious. With Developer Duck, these tasks are significantly faster. I use it for adding DocC comments, writing simple extensions, writing tests for those extensions, and even researching unfamiliar APIs.
- Adam Wulf