What Makes Developer Duck Different?

Developer Duck is more than a wrapper around ChatGPT.

Let us count the ways...

  1. Xcode integration
  2. Command line support
  3. Numerous custom prompts depending on context.
  4. Automatically configures to your target language.
  5. Your content is not used for future ChatGPT training.
  6. Image and flow-chart generation within the conversation.
  7. Easy input and output. Quickly copy or save conversations to disk, and copy codeblocks with one click.
  8. Markdown and source code highlighting for both input and output.

Which Model Should I Use?

Choosing a model is a tradeoff of accuracy, input/output length, and speed.


For non-subscribers, GPT-3.5 is recommended. GPT-4 is only available to subscribers and is the recommended model.


GPT-4 is the most recently released model, and allows for the highest quality outputs. Answer accuracy is highest, and the model allows for input/output twice the size of other models. GPT-4 is also slower than other models, but the accuracy and input/output size are generally worth it.


GPT-3.5 is a very capable model, and is the default at chat.openai.com. Ths model is slightly less accurate than GPT-4, but only allows for half of GPT-4's input and output lengths. For small scripts this can be acceptable, but for longer code content, the length limits may cause issues.


Davinci is an older GPT-3 model, and is the least capable model. It's accuracy is the lowest, though because of its simplicity, it is also the fastest model.

Is iPhone or iPad Supported?

Developer Duck is currently Mac-only. iOS support is lower on the priority list, as most development is focused on Xcode integrations and Swift app development.

Would you like iOS support? Get in touch and tell me how you'd use it!

What Is Quack Mode?

What does rubber duck debugging really need? More quacks!

Set up the Xcode Extension

The Developer Duck Xcode Extension comes pre-installed with the app, you only need to enable it to take advantage of Developer Duck within Xcode.

To enable the extension, open System Settings and go to the Extensions pane.

Open the Source Editor Extensions list...

...and make sure that XcodeDuck is enabled.

Now you can use Developer Duck commands from the Editor menu inside Xcode.

Can I Use Keyboard Shortcuts with the Xcode Extension?

XcodeDuck, the Developer Duck Xcode extension, does not have keyboard shortcuts by default. However, you can setup your own keyboard shortcuts to whatever you prefer.

To setup custom shortcuts, open Xcode preferences and open the Key Bindings panel.

Filter to show only XcodeDuck commands.

Double click in the Key column to set a new keyboard shortcut.

Now you can use your keyboard shortcut instead of manually navigating to the item in the Editor menu.

Get in touch

If your question hasn't been answered, contact us at adam@adamwulf.me.